5 Ways Entrepreneurs Should Use an Attorney: Lessons from 20 years of service

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash Share the Post: Opportunity is everywhere.  And there isn’t a part of the world that would not benefit from innovative thinking. That’s why we need entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs also need people as well. They need customers. They need teammates. And yes, sometimes they need lawyers. Some may think that […]

Unlocking the Blue Sky: The Importance of Timely Securities Filings

Raising capital, often overlooked yet pivotal for businesses, involves navigating a landscape governed by securities regulations. Within this realm, the term “blue sky filings” holds significant weight, especially for companies intending to offer securities to the public. Understanding what these filings entail, their criticality, and the consequences of delayed submissions is paramount for businesses. Decoding […]

Demystifying Rule 506: A Guide to Navigating Capital Raising

Raising capital is a pivotal step for many businesses, particularly startups and early-stage companies. However, navigating the complexities of capital raising, especially under regulatory frameworks like Rule 506 of the United States Securities Act of 1933, demands careful attention from founders. Let’s delve into Rule 506 and underscore the significance of proper securities filing for […]

Understanding Equity Compensation: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Equity Compensation: A Comprehensive Guide    Ever wondered how you could become a part-owner of the company you work for? Equity compensation might be your answer! Particularly prevalent in the technology and startup sectors, equity compensation is a key component of many employment agreements.    What is Equity Compensation?  Equity compensation involves granting ownership […]

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